Memi’s rent a car

Koroni Luxury Villas has available cars to help the visitors move around and visit the most beautiful places of Kefalonia.

Eco Rent a Car Kefalonia

Eco rent a car is here for your needs, providing the best prices.


Transportation arrangements can be a nightmare. Let us take care of it for you. Coaches, VIP mini buses, car rentals or simple taxis can be arrange on request at competitive costs?

Private Cooking

Our villa guests deserve the best. They will have the opportunity to test Greek dishes and to enjoy kefalonian dishes too cooked in their kitchen.

Yoga Service

At Koroni Luxury Villas everybody can live the Yoga word. A specialist comes to their place for private Authentic Yoga.

Hair & Nail Services

Koroni Luxury Villas offer a full range of expert hair services. We also provide complete nail care services along with a full menu of tempting hand and foot treatments.

Watersports - Boat Rental

Here is your chance to take home your happiest memories of Kefalonia with Dolphin Ski Club. Mike & Mike have been partners since 1986, so you will be very satisfied with our expertise and experience in water sports. We offer a friendly professional service. We have all the latest equipment and rides available. Come along and enjoy yourselves. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Captain Vangelis Special Cruises

Set quest for hidden and unreachable beaches of Kefalonia, Ithaca, Fiscardo, and Zakynthos. A quest for care-free, relaxation and fun!

Horse Riding

Enjoy the mountains, canyons, valleys, olive groves and the virgin nature of Kefalonia on horseback. I’ll show you all these places on my sturdy, sure-footed and well trained horses – Haflingers and Bavarian warm bloods. Everybody can ride our horses whether is a beginner or an experienced rider, a young or an older person.

We ride in western, English and trekking saddles.

Outdoor Activities in Kefalonia - Ithaca

We offer unconventional, alternative and extreme activities, such as: sea kayaking, jeep safaris, hiking, caving, and provide unique and different ways to explore and experience the breathtaking Ionian island of Kefalonia.

Our aim is to show you the elements of earth, wind and water, mixing and fusing with the natural beauty of Kefalonia.

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